Ale Trails – Season 1: Episode 2 – Squamish, BC

‘Ale Trails’ is a doc-style mini-series looking at the intersection between mountain biking and local craft breweries, and how both work to support and enhance their community.

Join us, as we explore Sea to Sky Country, showcasing beautiful Squamish, and meeting the proud, passionate locals who call this tight-knit community home.

In this episode, we delve into the mirrored growth of the craft beer and mountain biking scenes in Squamish. From the historical significance of Howe Sound Brewing to the contemporary offerings at Backcountry and A-FRAME Breweries to the trails of Pamplemousse, Miki’s Magic and Gouranga – Squamish continues to push the limits of what is possible on a bike and in the brewery.

mountain biking in squamish
The trail network in Squamish is incredibly vast and the mountain bike community is incredibly passionate.

We start by visiting Howe Sound Brewery, one of the original “safe havens” for mountain bikers and climbers in Squamish. At over 25 years old, they focus on respecting the brewery’s legacy while still being innovative and staying ahead of the curve.

howe sound brewing, squamish
Howe Sound Brewery is a historic stop with a killer view of the Squamish Chief.

We then check out A-FRAME and Backcountry, who helped truly bring the craft beer movement to Squamish. Mountain bikers frequent Backcountry thanks to creative brews, great pizza, and spectacular pop culture references.

backcountry brewing, squamish

“We can always tell how the dirt is on the mountain by how it is on the floor here at the brewery.”At A-FRAME, it’s all about cabin vibes and good times. Their brewer is passionate about traditional methods which results in clean, true-to-style brews. Paired with a great patio and taco food truck, A-FRAME is a popular post-ride stop.

a-frame brewing, squamish
Cabin vibes are alive and well at A-FRAME, a popular post ride stop with true-to-style beers.

‘Ale Trails’ is a collaboration between Mountain Biking BC, Tourism Squamish and the BC Ale Trail, and produced by adventure filmmakers, Ben Haggar and Mike Gamble / Cold Salt Collective.


No one should drink alcohol, even in moderation, before operating a bike or motor vehicle, or engaging in other activities that involve attention and skill or physical risk.

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