Ravens Brewing in Abbotsford is one of 6 breweries that collaborated on the new EXPLORE BC Peach Farmhouse Ale, a special release beer created in celebration of BC Craft Beer Month that is now available at select locations around British Columbia.

Ravens Brewing Co in Abbotsford, BC

We asked the folks at Ravens Brewing to tell us a bit about their brewery — and to also let us know how they like to eat a peach. Because, you know, the beer has peaches in it.

1. What’s the story behind the name of your brewery?

The Raven obviously has been an important inspiration for the Ravens Brewing Company. The Raven is a highly intelligent and innovative problem solver. Throughout history, it has been considered the trickster or the joker, never taking itself too seriously. The Raven is incredibly versatile and can adapt to many changing conditions. They are known to be committed to their family groups and are part of cultures all over the world. The Raven helps guide our core values of Innovation, Family, Pride, Quality and Celebration.

2. What sets your brewery apart from others in BC?

In creating our beers and spirits, we strive to source as local as possible. We consistently use Abbotsford-grown hops, fruit and herbs, and grains from Peace River in our beers and gins. We partner with chocolate and coffee suppliers in Abbotsford for collaborative products and projects.

3. How do you interact with your local community?

We love the opportunity to interact with our local community. We work closely with many different groups through sponsorships and partnerships. We collaborate with local brewers on projects and have worked directly with farmers and growers in the community. We are fortunate to live and work within our community. We volunteer with local groups and sporting programs.

Paul and John from Ravens Brewing Co in Abbotsford, BC

4. Are there any unique challenges to brewing in your area/region?

We are often considered “rural,” which makes developing certain partnerships difficult. But Abbotsford is the agricultural hub of the Fraser Valley so we have access to hops, fruit and unique opportunities we wouldn’t have if our brewery were elsewhere.

5. What did you bring to this collaboration (a unique ingredient, idea, technique?) or what does it mean to you to be part of this collaboration?

We were thrilled to host this collaboration and have the chance to connect with a bunch of amazing breweries from around the province. BC has so much to offer. We are proud to be in the best province in the country, and this is an excellent opportunity to show what we have to offer here.

Representatives from six BC breweries and the BC Ale Trail met up in person or virtually on the EXPLORE BC Peach Farmhouse Ale brew day on August 19.

6. What was your favourite part of the Brew Day?

It was all about collaboration and fellowship. We were able to gather over the shared experience of the brew while meeting great new brewers from each corner of the province. As hosts, we enjoyed having everyone come down and meet over beers and burgers.


7. What is your favourite way to eat a peach?

Fresh off the tree, super ripe. Juicy and sweet.

Explore BC Peach Farmhouse Ale - BC Ale Trail
The Explore BC Peach Farmhouse Ale

The EXPLORE BC Peach Farmhouse Ale is a collaboration between six breweries from across British Columbia. BC peaches present a beautiful golden-orange colour, while the Lærdal Kveik yeast and BC hops provide fruity, floral flavours above a clean rounded malt base that elevates the whole beer. Lastly, a pinch of BC sea salt makes this ale sparkle. This limited edition Peach Farmhouse Ale is a true representation of our province that pairs perfectly with BC’s natural beauty.

The EXPLORE BC Beer Series, brought to you by the BC Ale Trail in partnership with Destination B.C., celebrates the fall season with a new limited-edition craft beer, and new special offers to explore the province’s vast Ale Trail network. Created for BC Craft Beer Month, the EXPLORE BC Peach Farmhouse Ale, is a collaboration by six breweries representing all of the province’s major tourism regions, and produced by Ravens Brewing Company, will be available at select liquor stores, restaurants and craft breweries across the province.

“EXPLORE BC is an Official Mark of Destination BC Corp., used with consent.”

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