Aaron Johnson visits the Penticton Ale Trail.

In this episode, Aaron visits Cannery Brewing and Bad Tattoo Brewing in Penticton, BC.

“In the Okanagan Valley is the small British Columbia town of Penticton. In recent years, this town has seen a boom in local breweries opening their doors. So much so that Lonely Planet named Penticton Canada’s “craft beer capital” for the year 2020.

In this episode, I’ll be featuring two breweries, Cannery Brewing and Bad Tattoo Brewing.”


Some highlights:

1) Cannery moved locations to expand into the space where they are now.
2) Pizzas at Bad Tattoo are top notch … not to mention the beer.
3) Cannery distributes its beer as far as Manitoba.




Aaron Johnson with Ian Dyck and Jeff Canada from Cannery Brewing
Aaron interviewing Ross Thompson at Cannery Brewing
Bad Tattoo Brewing in Penticton BC
Delicious pizza at Bad Tattoo Brewing in Penticton BC
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