A big part of what makes BC its super, natural self is the stunning scenery, wild backcountry, and unspoiled vistas that you can find in every corner of the province. Devastatingly, those same iconic forests that make our province beautiful are on fire.

At the time of writing, there are 405 active wildfires in BC, over half of which are designated ‘out of control‘. Wildfires in BC don’t just affect our great outdoors: communities have been evacuated, wildlife is in danger, and widespread smoke is impacting communities far and wide. Despite surpassing the fires of 2018 to set a record as the most destructive fire season to date, there is hope and there are ways to help.

Several BC breweries are stepping up to fundraise for the various organizations working tirelessly to battle the blazes around the province and aid those impacted by the fires.

Wildfire Dark Lager – Cannery Brewing

Cannery Brewing in Penticton has once again partnered with the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation on this refreshing Lager release, designed to pay tribute to firefighters bravely fighting wildfires around the province.

“We are so grateful to the wildland firefighters and emergency service workers that we desperately rely on to bravely fight the wildfires in the Okanagan, throughout BC and across the country. As a tribute to those that work so hard to fight these fires, we have released our Wildfire Dark Lager again for this summer,” explained Ian Dyck, Cannery Brewing co-owner.

Ian continued, “Those that fight these fires are putting themselves in danger every single day to keep us all safe. The CFFF works hard to honour and remember those that have died in the line of duty and to support their families. We are honoured that our Wildfire helps support the very important work of the CFFF.”

“On behalf of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF), it has been an honour to have partnered with the Cannery Brewing Company for more than 10 years with their Wildfire beer. Their generous donations of a portion of the proceeds has gone towards the CFFF’s goals to Honour, Remember and Support those Canadian firefighters that have died in the line of duty and their families. The CFFF hosts the families of the fallen each year in Ottawa at the Canadian Firefighters Memorial which takes place on the second weekend in September.  We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone at the Cannery Brewing Company for their ongoing support.”

Wayne Jasper – Deputy Fire Chief (retired), CFFF Ambassador

The beer and the partnership are particularly poignant this year, as people around the province mourn the first death of a wildfire firefighter in over a decade, Devyn Gale.

Wildfire Dark Lager is currently available on tap at the brewery and in cans through the Cannery website and at private liquor stores in BC and Alberta.

Heliphant Session Hazy poster by Parallel 49 Brewing

Heliphant – Parallel 49 Brewing

As you sip on a Heliphant Session Hazy, you are joining our hero, Heliphant, and all heroes that battle wildfires in our forests and towns this summer. Parallel 49 Brewing has a long list of community partners and giving initiatives, so it’s no surprise that they have chosen to support not one, but two worthy causes with the Heliphant brew.

“Heliphant Hazy Session Ale was created to recognize and symbolize the heroes that are battling the wildfires that are raging in Western Canada but also to lend support to those in need,” says Andrew Platt, Marketing Manager at Parallel 49 Brewing. “While Parallel 49 is a Vancouver-based brewery and those in the lower mainland may not be directly affected by the fires it is important for everyone all over BC & Alberta to support both our firefighters and those families directly affected by wildfires.”

In BC, $2 from every 12-pack of Heliphant purchased is going to the United Way’s wildfire recovery fund which includes a variety of programs and essential supports that are critical to BC residents as they recover from the effects of wildfires within their communities. Funds go towards addressing important needs like housing, food assistance, trauma, and mental health support.

In Alberta, funds are being directed to the Red Cross’ Alberta Fires Appeal, to provide immediate and ongoing relief, recovery and resilience efforts in response to fires, and community preparedness and risk reduction for future all-hazard disaster events within Alberta.

Heliphant Hazy Session is available in 12-packs at private retailers across BC and Alberta.

The Know Before You Go page on HelloBC.com is regularly updated and serves as a one-stop shop for visitors looking to access key information resources such as DriveBC, the BC Wildfire Service, Emergency Info BC, and more.


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